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Monday, October 17, 2011

Issue Survey Results as of 180 Answers

I have begun my analysis of the data that I collected during my survey. I have 180 responses which have given me a rough estimate of the values of the collective group. I divided the answers into three catagories: low, Middle, and high. The low category (score of 0-3) is composed of the people who would not support the proposal in any way, and would likely be difficult to persuade otherwise. The middle category (score of 4-6) is composed of the people who are on the fence and could possible be swayed to the one side or the other. The high category (score of 7+) is composed of the people who will support the proposal no matter what.

The ratio is not a percentage of support but rather a ratio of high support data point to low support data points. To use the Glass-Steagall results as an example: You read it at a support of 75% where the actual results show support of 75:1 (for every 75 positive votes, I received one negative vote; there were 2 either very low or block votes compared to 150 very high or high votes).

Using a fairly large margin of error, any issue with a positive:negative ratio of more than 10 would probably be easy to pass in a GA. A ten to one ratio would mean that there would be over 90% support for the issue, even taking into account the block potential and the margin of error in my study, I posit that it would likely pass once we are actually talking demands.

Keep in mind, the middle level of support is composed of those without strong opinions and thus open to convincing either way. This middle category will make up their minds on the issues as we vote on the issues and thus the deciding factor in some of these issues will be convincing those people on the fence or ignorant of an issue.

By finding the ratio between those who would support a proposal and those who wouldn't, I can estimate the general levels of support that a proposal to the GA would receive. Any issue that has a high ratio would likely be passed without much debate or blocking. For example: a ratio of 3 or above means that at least 75% (enough to overcome a block) of people would be at least OK with a proposal if not happy about it passing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There were numerous write in questions, mostly involving rights of free speech and minority protection. I have not ignored these, and will release an analysis of the write in values soon.

Survey Results as of 180 answers
QuestionScore 0-3Score 4-6Score 7-10Ratio - High tier:Low tier
Election and Interest Reform
Revoking Corporate Personhood72315021.42857143
Election Reform102514514.5
Political interest reform16391257.8125
Regulator "Revolving Door" Elimination44013634
Political "Revolving Door" Elimination53913627.2
Systemic Political Reform5550751.363636364
Social Safety Net180#DIV/0!
Social Security #113571108.461538462
Social Security #2103113913.9
Progressive Tax Reform91815317
Regressive Tax Reform9659250.260416667
Capital Gains Tax Reform62315125.16666667
Personal Tax Loopholes32215551.66666667
Corporate Tax Loopholes and Subsidies41915739.25
Bank Reform180#DIV/0!
Bank Reform #143214436
Speculation Reform55512024
Fed Reform84113116.375
Fed Removal7266420.583333333
Student Debt93913214.66666667
Personal Debt1568976.466666667
Mortgage Debt65312120.16666667
Worker's Rights180#DIV/0!
Right To Work Legislation9559260.273684211
Minimum Wage #1114712211.09090909
Minimum Wage #21363950.036764706
Safety Regulations34113645.33333333
War and International Aid180#DIV/0!
Iraq #153214328.6
Iraq #21364040.029411765
Afghanistan #173513819.71428571
Afghanistan #212840120.09375
International Relations #11106190.081818182
International Relations #215491167.733333333
United Nations13411269.692307692
International Trade6371460.73015873
Free Trade and Currency Manipulation1789744.352941176
Privatization and Health Policy180#DIV/0!
Health Policy82215018.75
Affordable Care Act #11393650.035971223
Affordable Care Act #22855973.464285714
Privatization #121361235.857142857
Privatization #213728150.109489051
Privatized Prisons1314180.061068702
Law and Immigration180#DIV/0!
Marijuana 54513026
Prison V. Rehabilitation43314335.75
Immigration #1104212812.8
Immigration #21284480.0625
Immigration #312937140.108527132
Immigration #49175140.153846154
Environmental Regulations #1130149149
Environmental Regulations #21582200
Clean Energy42415238
Coal Energy12246120.098360656
Environmental Regulations #1149100% Approval
Personal Tax Loopholes51.66667
Safety Regulations45.33333
Corporate Tax Loopholes and Subsidies39.25
Clean Energy38
Bank Reform #136
Prison V. Rehabilitation35.75
Regulator "Revolving Door" Elimination34
Iraq #128.6
Political "Revolving Door" Elimination27.2
Marijuana 26
Capital Gains Tax Reform25.16667
Speculation Reform24
Revoking Corporate Personhood21.42857
Mortgage Debt20.16667
Afghanistan #119.71429
Health Policy18.75
Progressive Tax Reform17
Fed Reform16.375
Student Debt14.66667
Election Reform14.5
Social Security #213.9
Immigration #112.8
Minimum Wage #111.09091
United Nations9.692308
Social Security #18.461538
Political interest reform7.8125
International Relations #27.733333
Personal Debt6.466667
Privatization #15.857143
Free Trade and Currency Manipulation4.352941
Affordable Care Act #23.464286
Systemic Political Reform1.363636
International Trade0.730159
Fed Removal0.583333
Right To Work Legislation0.273684
Regressive Tax Reform0.260417
Immigration #40.153846
Privatization #20.109489
Immigration #30.108527
Coal Energy0.098361
Afghanistan #20.09375
International Relations #10.081818
Immigration #20.0625
Privatized Prisons0.061069
Minimum Wage #20.036765
Affordable Care Act #10.035971
Iraq #20.029412
Environmental Regulations #20No Approval

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