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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dewey Square Update

Due to spotty WiFi coverage at Dewey Sq. I am not able to post as much as I like, but I will try to keep up the information on the protests.

We are currently in day three of the occupy Boston movement and thing have been starting to coalesce into an organized movement. Yesterday we marched along a route from our base to the Prudential Center and back along Newbury St.. We received a lot of support from the people whom we met along the way and there were no issues with the police. Here are several photos from the march:

I was extremely surprised at the sheer level of diversity in the crowd that we have gathered for this protest. There are a large range of views, demands, and represented ideologies that have been shared among the group members in the past two days. We are currently discussing our demands as a group and hopefully we will settle upon a united set of demands that, despite our diversity, we can all agree on.

Contact the protest at:

Show up at:
Dewey Square, directly adjacent to South Station in Boston, MA

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