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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What the Republican Debates Reveal

Throughout the past several months there have been several Republican primary debate which have served to illuminate two very important issues in national politics:

  1. The candidates that are popular in the Republican party today are completely disconnected from the facts of the issues, relying entirely upon rhetoric and dis-proven arguments. The old joke that "reality/facts have a liberal bias" has come into terrifying reality where an entire half of our political structure lives in an ideological echo chamber. Ideology is taken as fact without any supporting arguments and then spoon-fed to the ignorant masses with a massive side order of isolationist hate.
  2. The Republican electorate has become radicalized. In every recent debate, the Republican crowd has either cheered, yelled or booed at a time which is very telling to their worldviews. The Republican debate crowd has cheered the excessive death penalties of Texas and the idea that the sick should be left to die; correspondingly the crowd has booed a soldier serving our military who wants equality and the very idea of healthcare for all. 
The Republicans are no longer the pro-life, patriotic party that they have always claimed to be, but are the anti-woman, anti-government party that they have always pretended not to be. The rationalizations are slipping and the Republicans are revealed to be the bigoted, unstable, and selfish people that the progressives have always feared them to be.

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