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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekly Issue #6 - 9/3/11 - Perry pulls ahead

The Republican field of the coming presidential election cycle has long been divided into two major catagories: Romney, and the Anti-Romney. Romney is the most established and well funded candidate of all of the Republican field, having deep pockets and previous executive experience, but is absolutely hated by a large portion of the right wing. Romney is seen as being too liberal or not genuine (for good reason) thus the Republicans are left with the quandary where they must choose between someone they hate or someone they believe to be incompetent. Many different candidates have been fighting for the position of the Anti-Romney but all have been found lacking: Paul is too libertarian; Bachmann is clearly insane; Gingrich is too far past his expiration date; Santorum and Pawlenty lack big money support.

Rick Perry could very well be the answer to the wishes of even the craziest edges of the Republican party, with confirmed fiscal, social and religious conservative accolades. Perry is fiscally conservative enough that he can claim to have both cut taxes on the rich and cut services to the poor. The "Texas miracle" Perry brought about during his terms as governor has led to high employment numbers in TX compared to the rest of the country but unfortunately if you even scratch the surface of the miracle, it begins to look much less miraculous. A majority of the jobs created in Texas were either due to the oil companies which have been making record profits or in the service industry at minimum wage. Needless to say, not all of the country is sitting on top of a deposit of oil and creating jobs by forming a two class society is not the recovery that we have been hoping for. Perry's is fiscally conservative, but his policies have not helped the Texas people as much as he may claim. Socially, Perry holds every expected position for an American conservative: He is pro-life, pro-gun, anti-gay, and ignorant of anything even resembling science. The right wing will find Perry's social views impeccable and by far superior to those of the competition. Perry's religious views support his hard line social conservative stances on most of the issues but his mixing of politics and religion go much farther than that. I have no real problem with a person using their personal views, such as religion, to inform their political positions but there comes a point where some attempt to fuse religion and politics. It is unrealistic to ask politicians to check their views at the door of the white house, but they must be careful so as not to impose those views on others. Perry holds the absolute most extreme view on the melding of church and state, which means essentially that he believes that the Evangelical views should be imposed upon everybody else and it is his religious duty to bring about this imposition (if they were Muslim, the media would be screaming Sharia).

As shown by several recent polls, Perry is rapidly overtaking all of the competition, Romney included. Bachmann is stuttering on behind Perry, but in my opinion she is to obviously stupid to compete against a candidate who hides his stupidity as well as Perry. With the ascension of Perry as the possible front-runner of the Republican presidential race, I only think one thing: "Is it truly possible that after only 3 years, the country is either stupid or forgetful enough to allow Bush 3.0 into the race?" Don't people remember what happened the last time the country elected a mental defective Texas governor into the White House and if they do, are they willing to let history repeat itself?

Perry is for all intents and purposes Bush; every major policy position that Bush held, Perry holds the exact same views. If anything, I think that Perry may be even dumber than Bush, and he wouldn't even have Darth Cheney pulling his strings to compensate for his stupidity. I can't even imagine what will happen to the USA if Perry were elected President and the Democrats lost control of congress.

If you must choose between the weak but sane or the effective lunatics, you must by default pick the person who won't blow up the country on a whim. Democrats for 2012.

The Sarcastic Liberal

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