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Sunday, September 4, 2011

An interesting piece on the tea party


For once I completely agree with Romney (He says "The tea party isn't a diversion from mainstream Republican thought. It is within mainstream Republican thought"). The tea party is essentially a distillation of the views of the Republican party, not a split or fringe party. The Tea Partiers and the Republicans both glorify ignorance, despise the poor, idolize the rich, hate the gays/atheists/unnamed others, and want to turn back the clock on the country until they retake power from the encroaching "brown people".

I only see two differences between the tea party and the Republicans.
1) The tea party cannot hide their bigotry and ignorance, they often revel in it (See picture at start of article; the Republicans hide their bigotry behind code-words and justify their ignorance behind bought studies and pundits

2) The Tea party are dumb true believers in an ideology that will one day turn them into serfs; the Republican elite are those who benefit from the ideology of Ayn Rand and will one day become the feudal masters (corporate bosses V. Wage slaves) of the tea party.


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