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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two pieces of good news

First and foremost, the Senate has finally passed a bill that would allocate funds for the repair of storm damage left by the past hurricane. This may seem to be a simple issue, and in past years (pre-Obama) it would be, I mean come, if the government doesn't exist to support society when it is damaged by external forces, what is it for. Unfortunately the current Republicans don't seem to hold this view, and thus have exerted their default filibuster against all aid packages, leaving a drastically underfunded disaster repair budget. Fortunately, in this case eight of the Republicans have seen reason and voted against party lines to pass the disaster relief bill, which will now go to the House. I hope that the house will similarly see reason (or the possible consequences of being known as the party of no action with their already abyssmal approval ratings) and pass the bill quickly.

The simple fact that aid for disaster victims has become a partisan issue that holds up the legislature tells us two things about the country's politics:

  1. The system is broken when even a minority of insane people can grind the wheels of government to a halt and then use massive amounts of corporate money to trick the electorate into forgetting their apathy.
  2. What does it tell you about the obstructing party? Do they care more about the American people, or attacking the other party through stalling EVERYTHING. 

The Second piece of good news is the Elisabeth Warren will be running for senate this next election cycle. Warren is a very good liberal politician who will bring a much needed progressive voice to the senate. Not only is Warren competent, but she is actually willing to stand up for what she believes in, if you want examples of this you can look online for the videos of her CFPB hearings, not once does she back down.

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