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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why the Tea Party/Right Wing is so Extreme in our Country

Bill Maher made an extremely good point recently as to why the right wing of the Republican party is so extreme in the USA as opposed to other places such as the United Kingdom.

While I agree that the religious and anti-intellectual strains of the right wing that seem to be unique to the USA are a key factor in why the Conservatives are so dangerous, there is also an economic factor to be mentioned.

As far as I know, the USA is the only western industrialized country to even consider treating corporations as humans, with all the corresponding rights and none of the responsibilities, morals or even criminal liabilities (If corporations are people, why are BP and Blackwater not criminally liable for manslaughter when cost cutting and a lack of care cost people their lives?). The unique rights of corporations have led to them essentially buying the entire Republican party and some democrats.

Other than the Paul twins (dumb and dumber, but certainly not in the pocket of some multinational corporation), the entire right wing is wholly bought by corporate interests, a factor that couldn't possibly have ANYTHING to do with why corporations are getting money at the expense of the people. It also can't have anything to do with why regulations/regulatory agencies are being interfered with.

I believe that you can split the right wing into two portions:

  1. The crazy deluded religious, who's first loyalty is to the voices in their head and second loyalty is to their corporate masters. These are the tea partiers and modern conservatives.
  2. The corrupt and immoral sellouts who take orders directly from the Koch brothers and pretend to believe in god without being bound by the common moral lessons of most religions. The paleocons and plutocratic republicans such as Romney and Orrin Hatch are in this category.
For modern Republicans its all a matter of picking your poison. Would you rather be sold out by a corrupt representative or self righteously screwed over by a representative who believes that they hear the direct voice of god; only, their god forgets the entire "love thy neighbor" crap and goes directly towards the old testament sacrificing children to prove their loyalty strain of religion. 

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  1. I agree with your assessments,Josh. So happy to find a place that doesn't pander to the tea-lunatics. I'm so over the self-serving hypocrites that are the GOP. Good piece.