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Monday, August 15, 2011

Chamber of Commerce supports "Genital Deformation"?

I vote that the ban should be lifted if every male chamber of commerce administrator is willing to take doses of these chemicals. I mean, if they are so safe this wouldn't be a problem, right? 


Proof if proof were needed that the Chamber of Commerce will support any decrease in regulations for a little more money, even if a few people will be "deformed" in the process. I wonder if their views will be changed, if they are the ones who are effected by their own toxins

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  1. There is a flaw in your argument. The leaders of the CoC are all billionaires; hence, they will argue that being wealthy they can afford spring mountain water from Switzerland, so they do not have to partake of chemically tainted water. They will argue that their "Exceptionalism" gives them the right to poison everyone else to maintain their ability to import their water from thousands of miles away. Too bad they haven't studied enough science to realize that the hydrosphere reaches Switzerland; chemicals added to air and water here eventually reach all parts of the globe.