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Monday, November 12, 2012

Sign the Petition and Send this Letter to President Obama: Make the Dream Act a Priority for your Second Term

As I previously stated, I am transitioning my blog from this Blogger account to a custom domain through WordPress. My new address is www.TheProgressiveCynic.com and it will be the primary place for all of my future articles. That said, whenever I post an article on my new blog address, I will post an excerpt and link to the full article on this blog.

With the reelection of President Obama and the alignment of political forces in Washington, now is the best time to pass a federal Dream Act. A dream act is good policy and will result in the addition of numerous, intelligent, law-abiding, and high-functioning individuals to the US population. Dreamers are invested in pursuing their education, or may even be risking their lives to protect us, thus they represent the people who should be first in line to become citizens; it is high time that these Dreamers are given their chance to be Americans, and to reach their full potential (improving the lives of all Americans in the process).
The Democrats have supported the Dream Act and are heavily indebted to the Hispanic population for their recent electoral wins. The passage of a Dream Act would be a significant Democratic promise kept, and would be a very effective way to start the 2013 legislative session with a policy success.
The Republicans may not support the ideal of the Dream Act, but they cannot afford to worsen their electoral chances by further alienating Hispanic voters. If given a choice between receiving half of the credit for the passage of the Dream Act and being blamed as the sole reason why a Dream Act was no passed, the only intelligent political choice is the former.

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