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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Republicans: The Party of No

As I previously stated, I am transitioning my blog from this Blogger account to a custom domain through WordPress. My new address is www.TheProgressiveCynic.com and it will be the primary place for all of my future articles. That said, whenever I post an article on my new blog address, I will post an excerpt and link to the full article on this blog.

© Josh Sager – November 2012
The current Republican Party has become the party of no…no compromise, no facts, no compassion and no shame. This modern incarnation of the Republican Party is so extreme and partisan, that it no longer resembles the Republican Party of the 20th century—it is as if the John Birch Society (well known for their belief that water fluoridation was a soviet mind-control program) swallowed the party and replaced it as the new “mainstream” right wing.
In the last few years, the Republicans have given up all pretense of making factual arguments or compromises with other ideologies and has pursued an extreme—and often not based in reality—policy path. All politicians who deviate from this strict ideology have been (or soon will be) purged from the party and replaced with a strain of “Tea Party” right winger.
The new Republican Party orthodoxy gives up all compassion and adopts a domestic agenda that combines the social policy of the right wing evangelical movement and the economic policies of Ayn Rand. Any attempt to help the poor or invest in the infrastructure of the United States (except in military spending) is seen as blasphemy and is often answered by a primary challenge from a candidate that will toe the party line.
In the face of the massive changes that the Republican Party has gone through, relatively few people are willing to acknowledge this change. While it is true that Joe Biden expressed described this change very well when he said that “this isn’t your father’s Republican Party”, those in the media who are supposed to report on our politics have staunchly refused to acknowledge that the party has made such a monumental change. Despite the party-wide purging of moderates from the Republican Party through primary challenges against any Republican who is willing to reach across the aisle (ex. Richard Mourdock winning the primary against Richard Lugar in Indiana), there has been a virtual blackout on discussion of this phenomenon.
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