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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Trayvon Martin Shooting

While I don't usually talk about crime stories, there is a particularly egregious situation which is currently happening in Florida. Last month, in a Florida gated community, the leader of the local neighborhood watch group shot and killed a 17 year old black kid.

The victim, Trayvan Martin, walked to the local convenience store during the halftime show of a basketball game. On the way home, Martin was spotted by George Zimmerman, the local watch captain, and a tragic situation began. Zimmerman believed Martin to be "suspicious", in all likelihood because he was a black kid walking in a predominantly white neighborhood, and called the police on him. After calling the police, Zimmerman began following Martin and at some point got into a confrontation with him after getting out of his car. What actually happened is not known, but what we do know is that Zimmerman shot and killed Martin, then claimed self defense when the police arrived. 

When the police arrived, the scene was as follows: Zimmerman, a white man, was standing over the body of Martin, a black child, with a smoking 9mm; Martin was unarmed except for a bag of skittles and an iced tea. Zimmerman claimed that Martin attacked him, and despite there being no eyewitnesses, they took Zimmerman at his word. To this day, Zimmerman hasn't even been taken into custody for his apparently unprovoked murder of a black child. Zimmerman was released after questioning, not charged with any crime, and is currently living at home.  

On the off-chance that his claim of self defense is not simply falsified, Zimmerman's claim of self defense fails to meet muster on several levels.
  1. Zimmerman is a grown man who was carrying a loaded gun, while Martin was an unarmed, 140lb, 17 year old kid; there is no reasonable justification for Zimmerman's use of lethal force in this instance.
  2. Zimmerman followed and initiated contact with Martin, thus he is unable to claim self defense in the conflict which he initiated.
  3. Zimmerman had no legal right to harass Martin, who was simply walking down a public street near the house where his family lived.
The police have yet to comment on their reasoning behind not arresting Zimmerman other than the claim that they are looking into the situation and collecting evidence. In recent days, evidence has appeared that further damns Zimmerman and suggests that he has a propensity for violence. According to reports from the press, in 2005 Zimmerman was arrested for violent battery of a police officer and resisting arrest.

While I don't have access to all of the evidence, I ask, what do you think would have happened if the police arrived at a shooting and found an armed black kid standing over the body of an unarmed white man, and attempting to claim self defense without any evidence? Do you think that he would be released only hours later, without even being charged with a misdemeanor?

Obviously, Zimmerman should be punished for his unprovoked murder of Martin, but the police also hold a responsibility that they must be held to account for. They have demonstrated indifference to the murder of a kid, based purely upon his race, and an unwillingness to do their jobs; jobs that they should be relieved of if we are to have any faith in the legitimacy of the police in that area. We should all look at this and realize that the Martin family situation could one day be our own if we don't push for justice now. 

For more information, go to the links below or watch the following video:

Although the very fact that this needs to be done is disgusting, I would ask anybody who reads this post to follow this link to a petition intended to sway the police to arrest Zimmerman for his crime: http://www.change.org/petitions/prosecute-the-murderer-of-17-year-old-trayvon-martin


  1. I agree with everything on this article..I was listening last night the recorded types when Zimmerman was talking to the police and followed him for no reasons.. Are that area exclusive for whites people only? If that the case put a sign, and publish that in well ways to let the people know..We are going back to the 20s. when people white, and black were remarkable divided just because of the color...That guy zimmarman "must be in Jairl right now,...there are very strong evidence, that he shot the boy just because was a black, and suspicious....SUSPICIOUS ??? he is so stupid, he must be suspicios walking at any place where no body knows him...PLEASE, let make the justice come true...this guy need to be put into prison, and be selected for death penalty, because he killed ina very cold blood way to this young guy, who just was walking to his house.....I believe in the American justice, I am praying that justice will come true..and I hope this CRIMINAL will be in prison with no parole, because then that will be like a jocke..let him died in the electric chair, or died in prison..I know they will give him in prison what he deserve..and the police who did nothing until now, please suit them...

  2. What was Trayvon Martin going to do to this man? Bet him with the skittles and pour Ice tea on him give me a brake. Just because you are white, don’t make you right. Zimmarman you are a pore excuse of a white man.

  3. If Mr.Zimmerman does have a record from 2005,how could he have the authority to carry or possess a firearm? What training,qualifications,or licensing does he possess? If he has had proper training,he would have been instructed that deadly force should only be used as a last resort or under the threat of great bodily harm to his person.He was also advised by the police to stay in his vehicle.if he was unsure of what to do,he should have done nothing until back up arrived on the scene. From all accounts,he should be arrested for negligible homicide.I hope an attorney or the family reads this post. s_mcgeehon@yahoo.com

  4. I was so flabbergasted when Trayvon's attorney said"Forget the drugs and him being expelled we are talking about murder. Well Sherlock if Trayvon had no drugs, he would not have been expelled and would not have been shipped up to Sanford. Peeople say the most ridiculous things!

    1. These "drugs" were traces of marijuana, not hard drugs, and there was intent to distribute. Martin's attorney was right to say that the drugs were irrelevant, and, unless you are willing to advocate a summery death sentence for pot possession, you should agree. In addition to this, Zimmerman had no knowledge of Martin's expulsion, thus it cannot factor into his self-defense case.

      I would also point out that while Martin's drug possession is non-violent, Zimmerman has a history of violence (resisting arrest and battery on a police officer); which history do you think is relevant to this case?